Ditch the expensive gym pass, Invest More Time Into your family and STOP Putting Your Fitness Goals On Hold.

Join me in this training to learn how you can Get In Incredible Shape WITHOUT Living at the gym and sacrificing valuable time with your family


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Exclusive Training Hosted By 
Midwest Muscle, Matt Franz


In this on demand training, you’ll discover the


Proven By Motivated dads to help them Gain Strength, Melt Fat, boost Energy and allow them to bring their best dad game every single day 
this program is designed for busy dads that want to feel good, get in shape, and have the energy it takes to show up for their family in today's chaotic world without spending lots of money or time. Let's go.


You do NOT need to spend hours and hours in the gym each week working yourself to the point of exhaustion to achieve optimal fitness results. 


Not all nutritional advice is created equal. Master not only what but WHEN you eat to not only speed up weight loss but improve every other body function as well. 


Consistency is the difference between leaving a legacy of health and living on a health and fitness rollercoaster. Learn how to create lasting habits that will change your life and set an example. 

Is this a silver bullet? No. 

Will you have to work for your results? Yes. 

But it will be worth it, and it'll change your life. 


The Busy Dad's Guide To Kettlebells

30 Days Of Complexes To Burn Fat, Gain Strength and Create a Habit of Success

Thank you for your interest in this training. You are registering for a 100% free highly valuable video training. Please understand that during this free video training I'm providing you a ton of valuable insights into creating a system for achieving success at home with strength training and a proper diet while showing you direct actionable strategies and techniques make optimal health and fitness as priority inside the lived reality of a very busy dad. As such, I’ll be making an offer to you and to anyone who wants to continue to receive help from me to implement everything that you have learned on this video training today, plus much more. It's completely optional… either way, the training video you are watching now offers a TON of value and shows you why this method of eating and exercise is the most reliable and stable way to lose weight and gain strength from home. We review where you should focus your energy to start an effective training routine with very little time or money investment, and how to maximize your results with proper nutrition and creating structure around when you eat. I'm passionate about making sure no dad has to choose between their health and time with their family, and I'm honored that you've decided to watch this free training with no strings attached.

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